Lets solve climate change

CX2 combines AI and multi-band satellite imagery to help companies understand their climate impact, and make a measurable difference. Together we can take positive action to address GHG emissions, redress the balance on our planet, and create a more sustainable future.

Transparency & Accountability

CX2 helps connect companies seeking to offset their GHG emissions with reforestation projects globally. Our satellite measurement platform provides offset buyers greater transparency, measurability and acccountability than ever before.

AI + Satellite

We use a combination of AI and multi-band satellite imagery to monitor global reforestation projects. Our low-cost continuous measurement helps companies see the impact of their investment and understand precisely how much carbon their reforestation projects are capturing.

About Us

Based in London, we're a team of engineers passionate about helping solve climate change and make a meaningful impact.

Contact info@cx2.com for more